Apparently, I'm in the minority of people who love living in Great Falls.

Maybe it's because when I lived on the farm it was always so cool and fun to get to go to Great Falls.  Maybe it's because I graduated from Great Falls High in the 80's, when crime and drugs weren't quite as bad.  Maybe it's because no matter where I've lived before, you couldn't really do things like go fishing, boating, water-skiing and such IN TOWN.  I have always loved Great Falls.

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Even now, when I'm afraid to sleep with my windows open, always have my door locked and have a security system, I love Great Falls.

Even in a Great Falls that has turned it's back on the middle and lower class.  (Yes, I do feel that way, but that's another article.) I still love Great Falls.

Even in a Great Falls that won't let a chain ANYTHING in town, so the middle and lower class are forced to shop elsewhere because $150 for a pair of sweats or $200 for dinner for 2 are out of reach.  I love Great Falls.

I still love it here.  I love it here because I believe everyone and everything, including towns, go through rough patches.  Granted, this one is rather large and nothing seems to be getting done. We have the highest crime rate for burglary than ANY OTHER TOWN IN Montana. I will go on record saying little to nothing is done in this town, even when it's CLEARLY spelled out who to arrest ON TAPE.

Just one google search on Great Falls and you get things like this:

Roadsnacks: We are at #10 for the worst places to live in Montana.

Hunt Talk: I'll modify a couple of quotes to avoid cussing.

"Great Falls is a $hi* hole if you ask me. I don't really have an answer as to why, but there seems to be more crime there than most city's in MT. Maybe it's due to the large railroad presence? I'd rather live in Lodge Grass than Great Falls"


"Center of the MT Bermuda Triangle, people go there but they don’t come back.. it’s methed up."


"I know a lot of people "from" Great Falls. I'll leave it at that"

As to that last comment, WTH, buddy?

One of our sister stations in Bozeman, My 105, has an article about the 5 worst places to live in Montana, and this is what the author said about Great Falls:

"The biggest city on our list is quite boring. In northern Montana, Great Falls is the place where the Air Force Base is and a ok downtown. It could be a lot better."

And lastly, a nick-name we've given ourselves, G Funk.  In the urban dictionary, they say, among other things, we've taken this name for our general lack of charm as a town.

Lack of charm?  Why don't you go funk yourself

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