Yellowstone National Park Officials have now released a new video that shows the devastation from last months floods.   In the video,  you will see roads ripped away and new pathways for the rivers inside the park.

Despite all the damage the park received, I find it quite amazing how park officials were able to get 93%  of the park back open in just a couple of weeks.  I mean, most of the northern part of the park was wiped out but park officials found a way to keep the park open for visitors.  When you look at the video you have to wonder how people were not injured or lost.

The east, west and south entrances are back open but the main gates on the Montana side of the park remain closed.  The town of Gardiner, Montana remains isolated and closed off from the park.  Gardiner,  a town of about 900 was just getting going with the tourism season when the floods hit last month basically shutting down the town.  Gardiner relies on tourism during the summer to make it through the winter.

Below is a link to get assistance should you be a victim of the floods.

State officials are calling the floods around Yellowstone National Park the worst in some 500 years.  Lets hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.


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