Autumn is less than a month away, officially beginning on Thursday, September 22nd.  With the start of fall, the migration begins for many critters.  Mating season happens for several species of wildlife, bears are putting on weight to begin a long winter’s nap and even the small rodents are packing away food for storage.

This is where my issue begins.  I have caught 4 mice in the last 7 days using this trap (I know- Great trap, right!) Each day’s mouse has been caught between 2 am and 7 am and have been in the exact same place every time. Each removal of the mouse has been quick and easy, yet I still want it to stop.

I live out in the country surrounded by fields, so I know I am living in their territory.  We have several “barn” cats that roam around my property, however they seem to have missed a few of these furry meals.

I have kids, dogs and other livestock, so I do not like using poison.  I have tried many different traps over time and some work better than others. This particular trap has worked very well.  It still has the first application of mouse goop attractant that I put on it a week ago.

My question to you- what do you do to prevent or rid yourself of mice?

I worry about Hantavirus.  It has been several years, but a neighbor of mine caught it, and suffered terribly over the effects.  The CDC says that Hantavirus is a family of viruses and mice are a leading cause of its spread.  Click here to learn more from the CDC about Hantavirus Information.  Once again- leave me a message on our website 560 KMON or Facebook page or on our K’MON Country App on your solution.  I will share your answers with our radio listeners and website readers.

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