On May 22, Governor Greg Gianforte and the Department of Public Health and Human Services Director Charlie Brereton honored Montana Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel from Glendive, Big Sky, Rudyard, Ennis, Great Falls, and Hinsdale during an awards ceremony at the Capitol Rotunda.

Governor Greg Gianforte also proclaimed May 21 through the 27th as Emergency Medical Services Week and Wednesday, JourneyMay 22, as EMS for Children Day.

Great Falls Dispatcher

In attendance this year was Brandon Skogen from Great Falls.

Brandon works as a dispatcher at the Cascade County Emergency Communication Center.

He was presented with the 911 dispatcher of the year award.

This award recognizes a 911 dispatcher who has shown exemplary performance as the “first responder” in medical emergencies.

Skogen, who has been a 911 dispatcher for 19 years, was nominated by Robert Shupe, the assistant chief of operations for the Great Falls Fire Department.

Skogen assisted all-volunteer fire departments in Cascade County in creating their own departmental run cards for EMS and fire-based response.

He helped them understand how run cards affect the dispatch center and resource management.

He also ensured that all chief officers understood the concept of continuity of care and what resources needed to be sent through EMD dispatching guidelines.

“As a 40-year career firefighter and Chief Officer, I have worked with many dispatchers and truly understand that the dispatchers play a critical role in the success of an incident from the very start," said Great Falls Assistant Fire Cheif Robert Shupe. "Brandon stands out as one of the best I have worked with as a frontline firefighter and a Chief Officer. His efforts have without a doubt increased the effectiveness of many departments in North Central Montana and Cascade County, as well as the City of Great Falls Cascade County Emergency Communications Center.”

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