School is still two more weeks away for most students while only one week for a few of the Class C schools in the area.  If your student is still staying up all night playing video games and sleeping until noon, now is the time to set a curfew.  The first few days of school are hard enough without fighting the dreaded, “ah mom (or dad) I am tired, can I stay home today” question.

Here are some tips to get your kid ready:

  • Adjust Bedtime- shave a few minutes off each night and start getting them up a little earlier each day to prepare for the school schedule. Tonight’s bedtime is 10 pm.  Tomorrow I will get you up at 9 am, etc.  You might need help if this doesn’t meet your work schedule.  Use alarm clocks and a wake up call from mom and dad might do the trick.
  • Set a routine- breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at a certain time each day to get your child’s internal clock working again as well. The worst part of the school day is right after lunch, so it is important to help your student learn to overcome the early afternoon yawns.
  • Stay active- burning off late day energy will help your student be able to go to sleep. It is also great for the mind and body and will help with any “back to school” anxiety that may exist.
  • Start or continue the nighttime routine of reading a book. Summertime is a time many of us get so busy we forget those activities that we enjoy as much as the kids do.

The most important thing to remember parents, this time with your child goes quickly.  Enjoy it as they grow up fast.  I would love to go back to brushing my daughter’s hair while she watches her favorite show or reading the same book for the umpteenth time to my son.  I guess I will just have to wait for grand kids to relive those moments.

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