Cover Photo:  The 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath House Will Be Available Soon

Every year students form CMR, Great Falls High and Paris Gibson work together to build a home that will be sold through Neighborworks. This is the 45th High School house built.  Project started back in September and is almost ready to be sold.

Randy Bogden
Randy Bogden

Four of the young carpenters talked about the project:

Thomas: I go to Great Falls High and I'm a senior, so we do the high school house program, we come out build a house from September all the way through May. We do everything from framing all the way up until we have the opening house, May 18th at 11:00 AM

Houston: I am a junior at Great Falls High. The address for the ribbon cutting is 512 Sixth Avenue South. It's at 11:00 AM, on May 18th. The community is invited and you can meet all the students that worked on it. The interior design students picked the paint color and all the interior stuff.

Austin: I'm from CM Russell High School. I am in 12th grade and this home will be for a sale soon through NeighborWorks. Other projects we do in the high school house is we built a garage a few years ago and we did a shed for The Home and Garden Show.

Primary Sponsor

Thomas: We have NeighborWorks as one of our really good sponsors and we also have Real Deals. We get to do sod this week so we can get grass on the house lawn before the open show.

Houston: Earlier in the year we went out and helped NeighborWorks build some more houses when we were waiting for our house to get ready for us to work on. We build a house once a year. All three high schools work on it.

Why do you do this

Houston: The reason we do this so we can have help out the community so someone else can have a home here in Great Falls and hopefully help us out with the next house we do next year.

Lane: I'm from CMR High School and I'm in the 12th grade. Being part of this program, you get a lot of experiences from the ground up at building high school house. You get to see it come from everywhere from framing, roofing, siding. You get to see it all happen within a year. The great thing about the high school class is we have these professionals, plumbers, electricians that come and work for us. The hardware floors that just got done this week. They show us what it is and how it's done, what they're doing, and how they do their electrician problem, plumbing and all that.

How to be a part of the class

To become part, you got to either take Woods class and then you can join in your junior, senior year or even your sophomore year, if you're ahead and then you just join your class, sign up on your schedule.

Open House

  • May 18th, 2023
  • 11:00 AM
  • 512 6th Ave South- Great Falls

Thank you’s

  • Sletten Construction Companies
  • Builders FirstSource
  • Todd's Music & Sound
  • Horn Construction LLC
  • United Materials Inc.
  • Floors & More Abbey Flooring
  • Truss Works Inc.
  • Quality 2 Foundation & Excavation LLC
  • Palagi Plumbing & Heating Inc
  • Cascade Machine & Supply
  • Chinook Windows a
  • Glacier State Electric
  • IFHC
  • Howards Pizza
  • Great Falls Building Exchange
  • Steel Etc
  • Southwest Carpenters Union
  • Keller Flooring LLC
  • ADF
  • Johnson Madison Lumber
  • Phoenix Group
  • Rainbow Restoration

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Take A Look At The Inside Of The House:

Great Falls High School House- 2023

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