If you are a fan of television programs that feature Montana, are filmed in Montana or depict Montana in anyway, Big Sky is one that you may want to check out. The show is available on ABC or Hulu and airs on Wednesday nights.  Currently the series is in season 3 and just aired episode 7. The early premise was the disappearance of 2 young ladies that sparked an investigation that uncovered many devious side plots.  Since season 1 the series has continued to include disappearing individuals with different methods.

Season 3 started with a shocker as it introduced a new character, Sunny Barnes (played by Reba McEntire) who alongside her husband Buck (played by Rex Linn) own and operate a remote camp that caters to many interesting characters.

The reason for this article is the additional big name characters that have made a cameo appearance, including Darius Rucker, who plays Possum, Lyle Lovett who plays Tex and Rosanna Arquette who played Gigi Cessna.  When Darius and Lyle hit the TV, I did a double take and immediately went to the internet to see who the cast was. Yes- I was seeing correctly.

For me, it is always fun to see someone famous show up in a TV show or movie that wasn’t expected.  That is what makes Pixar movies so much fun, trying to figure what famous voice you are hearing.  Trivia question, what former television star is in every Pixar Movie produced?  Keep reading for the answer.

Yellowstone is another popular show depicting Montana and unlike Big Sky, Yellowstone is actually filmed in the great State of Montana.  Big Sky is filmed in Vancouver using Helena in some of the aerial shots during the show.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Big Sky was originally set for production in New Mexico and Nevada.  I think the mountain scenes of Vancouver are much closer to a true portrayal of Montana. Anyway. Here is the answer to the Trivia answer: Cliff Clavin from Cheers who in real life is John Ratzenberger is the voice of at least 1 character in all of the Pixar Films. Click HERE to see the list that is on Wikipedia.

What other shows should I be seeking out that feature Montana, are filmed in Montana or depict Montana.  I might use your answer in a future story or post. You can email me at randall.bogden@townsquaremedia.com or send us a message on the KMON Facebook page.

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