Something that has always stuck out to me in Montana is the fact that you can live somewhere your whole life and remain blissfully unaware of the history that's in your own backyard.

The grain elevators we're about to discuss most certainly fall into that category.

Evolution of the Elevators: Cornerstones of Hobson's Identity

Built-in 1908 and managed by Homer Goodell and later by the McCaul Webster Company, the east and west elevators symbolized Hobson's economic vitality.

Believe it or not, these are also the most photographed grain elevators in Montana.

The Legacy of Pride of the Judith Flour Mill

In 1912, Mrs. Murray won a $35 prize for naming the flour produced by Hobson Mill "Pride of the Judith."

This marked the pioneering spirit of Tom and Mildred Murray, early wheat producers in the Judith Basin.

A Threatened Heritage: The Battle to Preserve Hobson's Elevators

BNSF's plans for demolition in 2018 sparked community outcry, leading to a reprieve.

Structural assessments confirmed the elevators' resilience, paving the way for restoration efforts.

A Renewed Vision: Restoring the Elevators to Their Former Glory

Plans include sealing the elevators and cosmetic enhancements to ensure their preservation as symbols of Hobson's past.

The Path Forward: Financing and Ownership

With restoration costs estimated at $30,000, community efforts aim to cover annual expenses, ensuring the sustainability of this endeavor.

Current owners like the Ward family and Dan and Linda Deegan remain committed to preserving their heritage.

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Hobson Grain Elevators

Hobson Grain Elevators

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Cascade Montana

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