The United States set their original design for America off of European Countries, specifically the United Kingdom.  Although the first members of the colonies wanted to separate from the British tyranny, they used that footprint to lay out how to govern as well as the way the White House, Capital and The Mall were set. So that leads me to ask the question, were our founding fathers successful in building a bigger better stronger government?

The President of the United States is considered the most powerful man in the world.  President Joe Biden has an estimated net worth of $9 million. Not a lot of money for the most powerful man in the world.  King Charles is said to be worth around $600 million. Most of that came after Queen Elizabeth died.

President Biden doesn't make law or vote on legislative action, but can enact action via an executive order.  This is something that many say, has been abused over the last few presidencies. The president also has the power to nominate appointees, which must then pass Congress approval. King Charles has a similar role in England.  He can't make law, but he does have influence over the prime minister, a position he appoints.

President Biden has several "checks and balances" that are elected positions.  The Senate and the House of Representatives are decided by the voters. The Supreme Court is another "check and balance" and although they are appointed by the president, the majority were put in place by former Presidents. The UK is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Basically, the parliament is elected while the monarchy is the King.

President Biden is called the commander-in-chief of the United State military and although the President has many advisors, he has the final say in many military decisions.  King Charles has the rank of admiral in the Royal Navy, General in the Army and Air Chief Marshal in the RAF. This gives King Charles the task of guiding the British military.  Incidentally, King Charles served in the military starting in 1971 and trained as a jet pilot. President Biden didn't serve in the military. Out of the 46 US Presidents, 31 have served in the military with George W Bush being the last to serve. Military service is not required to be president. #2 John Adams, #6 John Quincy Adams and #8 Martin Van Buren did not serve in the military either.

Overall, on paper it appears King Charles carries more individual power, but due to the power of our nation, President Biden still holds the rank as the most powerful man in the world.

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