NFL training camps open with Buffalo and Las Vegas next Monday July 18th.  If you are planning to attend a regular season game (game 1 is Thursday September 8th, Buffalo at Los Angeles) you need to know what the tickets and food will cost.

Highest average tickets are Tampa Bay at $757.26 and the least expensive are Detroit at $244.68.  Of course, this is to get into the game and does not include travel, lodging or food.  Go to NFL Ticket Prices To see the full list of ticket prices.

Food prices range from city to city with each team promoting its “special” menu item.  Cost for a hot dog can run from $2 at Atlanta to $8 at both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  If you want to enjoy a beer with your dog, be ready to pay as little as $5 at Atlanta, Detroit or New York Jets or as much as $14 at Washington. Where does your favorite team land?  Click Here to see NFL Food Prices

Of course, airline and other travel will vary depending on flying or driving.  Hotels also range $200 to several thousand dollars, once again depending on how many luxuries you want or need. Atlanta has rooms as little as $200 while Los Angeles (Super Bowl Champion) can go as high as $3500.  Go to NFL Hotel Prices to find the hotel for you.

For 2 people to go to a game you can expect to pay $3,124.  Although this seems like a lot of money, can you put a price on a lifetime of memories?  If you could  go to a game, where would you go?

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