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Our Town written by Thorton Wilder will be directed by CMR teacher Chris Evans.  Mr. Evans had this to say about Our Town "I still make the argument that this is the best American play written...ever.  Hope you can see it."

Two of the stars from the play stopped by the studio to talk about the upcoming show.

Hi, my name is Jaclyn. I'm a senior at CMR and I will be playing Emily Webb in our next production of Our Town, this spring.

Hi, my name is Leighton. I live in Great Falls, Montana. I am a freshman at CM Russell High School, and I will be playing the role of George Gibbs in the upcoming play Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

Photo Credit Randy Bogden
Photo Credit Randy Bogden

Jaclyn (On The Left) and Leighton (On The Right) Stars Of Our Town

Jaclyn: Our town is about human connection and connections that we make every day in life. It starts, there's three acts, we have everyday life, just two families who get together and what they do throughout their life. Then the second act is George and Emily's Love story. Their love life and you get into their wedding. Then the third act is death and eternity, and you go through what it's like after life and in the graveyard.

Leighton: We're doing our town because Mr. Evans really likes the show. He loves the messages that it gives off. He loves just themes. He loves the characters. It's his all- time favorite show, and he just thought he could come back to it for another directing. Mr. Evans is our CMR drama teacher and he's a real nice guy. He's great at directing, he's great at all the stuff that has to do with acting, and he's a real big help for people that are interested in acting and the theater.

Chris Evans Facebook Picture
Chris Evans Facebook Picture

Director and teacher Chris Evans is loved and respected by his students.

Jaclyn: What inspires me to act is just watching little kids faces. When you get on stage and they see this person that they look up to, it's one of my favorite things in the whole world. It pushes me to keep acting, and I also get to learn so many new things about myself through acting. I find the little things that I enjoy and it's one of my favorite things. I learned how to better myself through acting. I will be attending the University of Montana in the fall to do technical theater and Performance Theater. One of my goals is to win an Oscar and be on Broadway. And even if I don't reach that, just to go and put acting in a new light, be on screen and just make people happy through my acting.

Leighton: It's mostly just the amount of fun you have, the new people you get to meet, just the enjoyment of being on a stage, being admired by people and being looked up to. It's just a joy and it warms your heart. For me at least, I'm loving theater. I would totally consider being an actor in college and other things like that, of course, I have plenty of time, but still, it would be a nice thing to go into.

Bill Williamson Hall

CMR Campus

228 17th Ave NW, Great Falls MT

 March 30th and 31st and April 1st

Jaclyn: The show will be on stage on March 30th, March 31st and April 1st. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show will start at 7:30 p.m. The show will be in Bill Williamson Hall Auditorium on the CMR campus. Tickets are available at the door. Tickets are $8 for an adult, $6 for students and Senior Citizens. If you would like to buy tickets before the show, you need to call 406-268-6117 for more information.

CMR Drama
CMR Drama

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