Former President Donald Trump continues to be a top story in the national media.  Whether it’s Mar-a-Lago, or his personal taxes or the fact that he allegedly tore the tag off of a mattress back in the 80’s, the national media is infatuated with him.

There is no doubt that Mr. Trump has brought most (if not all) of the scrutiny upon himself.  His bigger than life personality combined with his billionaire lifestyle has made him an easy target for those that don’t like him. Up to this point that list included Democrats, Liberals, Independents, national left leaning media and many special interest groups.

Why don’t they like him?  He is crass, rude and can be a self-centered narcissists. Many of the traits that has made him so successful in business is the ones that make people dislike him. The other side of that discussion is that there are many people who do like him and support him. What do they like.  He says what he is thinking, even when he shouldn’t.  He exposed the seedy side of politics in a way that hadn’t been done before.  The economy was strong under his leadership.  Whether that is his doing or not is up for debate.

In my opinion, Mr. Trump needs to take a major step back from the spotlight and allow the country to focus on healing.  I am one of those that liked what he did for the country as president, but wished he wouldn’t talk so much.  I supported him and voted for him for his second term.  I am also one of those that is tired of hearing about him every day.  If we can find a softer, gentler Donald Trump, I will once again be a supporter.  Currently I think Mr. Trump is doing more harm than good.

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