You heard about it on the 560 KMON Pat & Randy morning show this week and I want to know, do you believe it?  The topic was, does mustard really stop cramps? Randy introduced the conversation about how some football refs and sports trainers keep mustard packets on hand in case a player develops cramping during a workout or game.  Pat was rightfully skeptical, although he should NEVER doubt Randy!

We did have one listener write in and said she was also doubtful until she experienced it first-hand.   She said she was dealing with an extremely painful thigh cramp when a spoonful of mustard was shoved into her mouth.  She said the pain stopped very quickly.  Great Falls Fire and Rescue Chief Jeremy Jones also told the morning show that mustard packets were kept on the sidelines all of the time. I don’t know if Chief Jones carries mustard packets for his crew, but he believes in the remedy. According to Sports Crazy “When you experience cramps, you can consume a tablespoon of mustard paste immediately.” Personally, I would prefer that the mustard be on a bratwurst or hot dog before consuming.  However, if the cramps are that bad any relief is appreciated.

Why do you need to know this?  We are in the early season for fall sports and tend to see the biggest issues for cramps.  It is hot, players are dehydrated and the body is telling them to STOP! Now is the time to get prepared for potential cramp issues. This is not medical advice, so do your research before trying any of these suggestions.  Best wishes on a happy, HEALTHY and fun fall sports season!

What do you do to stop cramping?  Have your tried mustard or pickle juice?  Comment below.

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