Throughout history many stories have been handed down from generation to generation.  If you hear something enough times you begin to believe it. Some of these myths are based on facts and some are based on hope.

How many of you remember as a kid avoiding stepping on cracks in the side walk, or street or wherever you were walking? Why?

Step on a crack and break your mother's back

I am pretty sure this wasn't based on any real fact, but many of us growing up adhered to the practice anyway.

Wrought-iron fence and curved interlocking-stone driveway

Avoid this walkway- way to many cracks!

I have heard from many people over the years that every time we have fog we can expect moisture in 90 days.  I have been told by some people that they have chartered it on their calendars and that it is absolutely true.  Others have told me, no, just a myth.

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According to Weather Logics, the answer lies in the criteria you use to determine whether it is true or just a myth.

The Criteria

  • Set number of days- 90 days exactly or about 90 days
  • How much moisture is considered a success- does it need to be a down pour or is a little dew on the leaves enough
  • Time of year- January Fog will most likely be followed by April moisture
View from Space Needle, Southeast to Financial district of Seattle

View from Space Needle, Southeast to Financial district of Seattle

Of course location can also be a huge part of the success or failure of the myth.  Rainy Seattle is more likely to hit the mark than the Mojave desert in California.

A troubled young man walking into the light

Deserts do get rain, but it is rare


It is okay to continue to use the myth as a template, but overall, Weather Logics says it is just a myth. They used data from over 2000 weather dates going back to 1963 and their results show the 90 day mark is not reliable.

Even though this myth has been debunked, I am not going to take chance when walking and will continue to step over the cracks.

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