I know I am guilty of this, but I think all of us, at one point, have made some kind of a mention that fall blows.  But does it really?  I think we love fall but we would all prefer to have a few more weeks of Summer.  So it's "not enough time" to do everything we were wanting to do over the Summer.  Well, put it on the list of "things to do" for next Summer and get moving because Fall is quite a bit shorter than Summer in Montana.

I love calm evenings of Fall and I really don't mind that it is getting dark at 7:45pm these days.  I start to unwind earlier, and that means making it to bed earlier than I did all Summer.  So when I saw that some rain and cooler temperatures were on their way, I grabbed my kayak and started heading toward Craig, MT.

95% of the kayaking I do on a week night is usually just me, with a dog or two.  But not Wednesday.  My Husband was on board.  Which helps tremendously with Daisy and Dirty.  Our 2 German Shepherds.  One in each boat.

For short floats on the Missouri when time is an issue, I will drive to my put in location, get on the river, and paddle up stream.  Then float back down to my truck when I am ready to go.  I almost always have a specific destination in mind, like an island or long stretch of river good for rockhounding.  Even when my Husband comes with on these short floats, we almost always do it this way and eliminate having to take two rigs.  Plus with the price of gas being astronomically ridiculous lately, this helps with saving a little bit of cash.  Not a lot of cash.  The price of gas is still astronomically ridiculous.  That is a whole other story.

The float was beautiful, it was a beautiful evening, and here are the photo's to prove it.  Enjoy .

I am thinking about doing this exact same thing this Wednesday.  I'll take more pictures and then we can compare them to these.  How much could change in a week?


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