Warning:  This is a humor piece.  Don't get mad............

Georgia Bulldogs rolled over TCU on Monday to win back to back National FBS Championships.  If you are a Bulldog fan, you are beyond happy with the results.  If you are a college football fan, well you are less than satisfied with the final game of the season.

I have a proposal.  I know this is far-fetched, but hear me out.  I suggest Georgia takes on either the Chicago Bears or the Houston Texans to see who the better team is.  The best team in college football or the worst team in professional football.

Of course in order to entice the pro team to want to run the risk of embarrassment, there needs to be a reward for a victory.  The flip side is if the NFL teams loses, there needs to be some sort of punishment. Here are my ideas:

Since Chicago and Houston basically tied at the bottom, it will be decided that the team with the most offensive yards this past season will play Georgia.  Why? So that Georgia doesn’t run away with this game as well. Chicago had 5233 total yards on the season while Houston had 4820. Chicago scored 334 points while Houston managed 290, so Chicago will offer a better game and after that title game, that would be a good thing!

Look at this Bulldog rolling through the CFP!

english bulldog

english bulldog

english bulldog

If Chicago wins, they get to pick any 5 individuals from the bulldog team without impacting their draft picks or salary cap.  That means, players or coaches or trainers or boosters or……..whatever 5 individuals they want. If Georgia wins, this is where it gets fun, they get to switch places with Chicago.  I mean literally they will replace them as the 32nd team in the NFL. That means they get the money the fans the entire NFL franchise.  Chicago will then move down to the FBS level to see if they can compete.  If not, they will drop to FCS and then Div III, etc… Who knows, maybe someday Carroll College could play Da’ Bears in the NAIA playoffs.

Please understand this is nothing more than a spoof piece.  I have nothing against the Chicago Bears and I would never write a piece like this if Dallas were in that position, because that isn’t even funny.  Go ahead and laugh and change the name of the team that takes on Georgia to whoever you want.

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