Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) made a big announcement while we were LIVE at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, an announcement that was very popular with the pro 2nd Amendment and gun industry crowd.

What was the big news?  Here you go: "The state of Montana has now blocked ESG investing for all state funds." -Governor Gianforte

Governor Gianforte joined us LIVE at the SHOT Show after a Montana breakfast featuring dozen of Montana gun and outdoor businesses. Later in the day, he also spoke at a Governor's Forum and touted Montana's support for freedom, the 2nd Amendment and our outdoor way of life.

What is ESG, and what does this decision mean?

Gov. Gianforte: This ESG craziness that's going on ESG stands for environmental and social governance...this is a cover term for really activist 'woke capitalism'

How much money are we talking about here? Over $26 billion in investments of the state’s financial assets.

Gov. Gianforte: I was with a company this morning, they told me, Wells Fargo will no longer bank them because they're in the firearms business. This is the kind of crap we're talking about. So the news: the State of Montana has now blocked ESG investing for all state funds...we're not going to let these 'woke' capitalists try and implement their one world government, anti-firearm, climate change agenda on state funds. We ought to be investing state funds for performance, financial performance, not some political agenda. Montanans have worked too hard for their pensions to let some elitist in New York or San Francisco try and implement their political agenda- using the pension funds of a Montana worker. So it's no longer going on.

Click below to listen to our full coverage from our first day at the SHOT Show 2023.

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