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On the Left is Madisyn, a sophomore at Great Falls High and on the right is Adam, a senior at CMR.

Great Falls Public Schools will be celebrating Western Art Week by sharing some great art from their students.  I visited with Great Falls High’s Madisyn and CMR’s Adam.

I have seen Adam's artwork in the past and he is a very talented individual. Now that I have seen Madisyn's, I want to see more.  Great kids with tremendous talent.  You will want to see their displays.

Madisyn: We are here to share some cool opportunities to see student artwork around Great Falls during Western Art Week.

Adam: Both Madison and I have artwork in the Young Masters exhibition at the Heritage Inn sponsored by the Out West Art Show and Sale. That show features over 60 works from around the county.

Madisyn: Additional events include work by scholarship applicants for the Bill Chigbrow and the Val Knight Scholarships. Scholarship applicants will have their portfolio and art on display at the Mansfield Civic Center during Western Art Week.

Adam: In addition, the Art Association of Montana allows high school students to exhibit and sell artwork in their exhibition space on the second floor of the Mansfield, with all proceeds going back to the student artists. At the end of the event.

Madisyn: Western Art Week is March 16th through 18th with events going all over our great city.

  • Madisyn really likes birds, which inspired her to make this piece of art.  The style is called Intaglio, which is a type of art where a design is incised into a surface, and then, ink is used to fill in the sunken area.

Both artists had to submit art work that was judged.  The selection committee picked the art that is on display.  As you can see, the committee did very well choosing this art.

  • Adam used his love of animals to create this piece of art.  He used Pen and Acrylic Paint. The longer you look at the art, the more you see.

Scholarship Presentations

Val Knight Scholarship Presentation

When: March 16th @ 6PM

Where: Mansfield Center, 2nd Floor, Chamber Room

Who: Arts Association of Montana (AAM)

What:  Presentation of the Val Knight Scholarships


Out West Foundation Scholarship & Young Master Awards

When: March 18th @ 4PM

Where: Heritage Inn

Who: Out West Art Show & Sale

What:  Presentation of the Scholarship Recipients & Juried Awards

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Cabel Adams, a/k/a Siriu$ is a 3D virtual sculptor living in Eugene, Oregon. When he places his art in real settings, unaware audiences believe it's real.

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