Nearly every year in Montana, there seem to be more grizzly bear encounters.

I'm sure a big part of this is because grizzly bears are actually more of a plains animal and have been pushed into the backcountry by humans.

Nonetheless, a person who was antler hunting had the scare of a lifetime near Wolf Creek.

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Grizzly Bear Encounter Near Wolf Creek Details

On April 25, 2024, a man and two dogs out antler hunting were walking along a ridge covered with low trees and brush when they stumbled across a grizzly bear on private land just northwest of Wolf Creek.

According to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, the man had seen fresh grizzly bear tracks in the snow and, a few moments later, stumbled upon a grizzly bear standing on a ridge about 20 yards away.

The bear dropped to all fours and began charging at the man.

The man opened fire with his handgun from about 10 to 30 feet away.

Two of the five shots hit the grizzly bear, killing it.

The man and his dogs were uninjured.

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Grizzly Bear Killed In Montana

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks reported that the grizzly was an adult female weighing around 300 pounds and estimated to be about 12 years old.

The bear had a cub with her, which was later located by wildlife officials.

The wildlife rehabilitation center in Helena.

Officials are looking to rehome the bear in an accredited zoo.

The incident remains under investigation by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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