Every family has its own Christmas traditions.  One of the most treasured is the Christmas morning breakfast. Since most families have a big Christmas meal at some point of the day, breakfast is often a meal that is easy, quick and loved by everyone.

There are a couple of traditions that I usually try to have.  Chocolate Chip Pancakes is one that goes over very well in my house.  You can eat them hot off of the griddle or like a piece of bread after they have cooled off.  You can add butter and syrup, eat them plain or sprinkle them with sugar to give them an extra sweet kick. No matter how you enjoy them, they are a very basic easy breakfast to prepare.

Full Breakfast Plate


A delicous home style breakfast with crispy bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast, coffee, and orange juice.

The other tradition for me is biscuits and gravy.  Yes- I cheat and buy the Chef Mate sausage gravy in a can and the frozen biscuit dough from the store.  What I like about it is that you can put the gravy in a crock pot, turn it on and walk away.  The biscuits you can bake the night before or just ahead of serving.  The biscuits can act as the base for the gravy or can be used as a standalone.  Of course, the two options I talked about are high in carbs and are not “health conscience” friendly.  I always have a bowl of mixed fruit for anyone that wants to eat a little healthier.



Sweet homemade yeast rolls with the addition of strawberries and butter crumble sprinkled with powdered sugar. Traditional sweet pastries called kolaches

What are some of your traditions and recipes? Send me an email at randall.bogden@townsquaremedia.com

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