If you are the adventurous type, aren’t afraid of tight spaces or dark caverns, than caving or spelunking might be for you.

Not all caves are tight or dark, but for those who like to truly explore it is possible to run into some conditions that push you to your limits.

Here are the top five caves in Montana according to Discovering Montana:

Top 5 Caves


Pictograph Cave State Park

3401 Coburn Road- Billings (406) 254-7342

This park is over 2000 years old and has artifacts from some of the earliest humans on earth. My best guess is that there were several dinosaur barbeques held at this location to celebrate many things.

Silly hungry cave man eating ham on the bone

Hungry cave man

BBQ T-Rex? Probably tastes like chicken

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

25 Lewis & Clark Caverns Road- Whitehall (406) 287-3541

Stalactites, stalagmites, it has them all and so much more. Campsites and several trails are available


Exploring caves is always fun as a group of friends, but taking kids can be a great educational opportunity.


Big Ice Cave

Pryor Mountain Road- Bridger (406) 446-2103

A true ice cave as there is an icy platform year around that can be viewed after a short walk from the interpretive center.  Look like a great place to chill you water on a hot day.

Nicholas Plumeri / TSMHV
Nicholas Plumeri / TSMHV

Ice Cave

Year around cold temperatures


Bighorn Cavern

20 US Highway 14A E- Lovell, WY (307) 548-5406

Yes, this has a Wyoming address but is just inside the Montana border and is the state’s largest cave system with over 14 miles of trails.  Bring a flashlight and several extra batteries!


Bison pictograph

American Southwest Indian Petroglyph of a Bison,


Tears of the Turtle Cave

Does not have an address- is located in the Bob Marshall Wilderness- and no phone number either

This cave boasts of the deepest known limestone cave in the US, a distinction previously held by New Mexico’s Lechuguilla cave.

If you have never explored a cave, I strongly recommend it.  If possible, do one of the tours provided as the educational experience is well worth it.  Warning, bring good walking shoes and a lite coat as the temperatures underground can be quit cool.

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