These Big Stars Would Make Great Additions To The Big Sky State

I realize the sentiment of most Montana residents as of late has been the less people moving here the better.

Sadly the days of Montana being a flyover state are over, so if we've been "found out" as some think, we might as well have a wish list of those we'd like to see move here.

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It's nothing new for celebrities to move to Montana, as actors, musicians and artists have been moving to the Treasure State for years.

Not all of those celebrities are living in the exclusive Yellowstone Club either.

People like David Lettermen, Huey Lewis and Luke Grimes have acclimated themselves to their new residencies and have tried keeping a lower profile.

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A Mix Of Musicians, Athletes and Actors

We tried to put together a list that wasn't just all movie stars, and we made sure to have an equal mix of male and female celebrities.

Now granted when it comes to our list, it's going to be a bit subjective, you might agree that some names on the list, while disagreeing with others.

We think the following 10 celebrities have a good mix of popularity and also be low key enough that they'd fit in to our wonderful state.

So check out the gallery below and if you think a different celebrity would make a good addition to our state, let us know on our App or email me your ideas.

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