Can You Sleep Legally At A Montana Rest Area?

With summer fast approaching, families are already starting to plan out their summer vacations, which could include some long hours of driving to reach their destination.

While we assume most people will book places to stay during their road trip, what happens if you're driving and become drowsy? Is it legal for you to pull over into a rest area and spend the night until you're rested?

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A man has reclined his drivers seat so he can lay down and sleep

The Legality Of Sleeping In Your Car At A Montana Rest Area

When it comes to sleeping in your car at Montana rest areas, it depends on what time you get there, what your plans are while there, and how long you've been there.

Thankfully, a website by the name of Boondocker's Bible, a great resource that helps people learn how to camp off-grid and for free, has taken the time to look at the rules and regulations for each state, detailing what is legal or illegal.

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A book entitled Rules And Regulations

Montana Rest Area Rules & Regulations

When it comes to the Treasure State, we actually want people to sleep in their cars and get off the road to ensure their safety, along with other drivers on the road.

Because Montana rest areas are open 24 hours a day, people are encouraged to pull over and sleep until well rested, which can extend up to 12 hours, according to Boondocker's Bible.

There are only two things you can't legally do: take up more than one parking space, and you can't camp in a rest area.

Keep you and your family safe by avoiding the following places in the gallery below when traveling. 👇

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