Donation Propels Inclusive Playground Project In Great Falls

Boost Towards Inclusion in Great Falls

Sacajawea PTA's pursuit of a fully inclusive playground received a significant boost with a generous $150,000 donation from a neighborhood benefactor, propelling them closer to their fundraising goal.

Personal Connection

For Sacajawea PTA President Sarah (Ashmore) Goldsmith, the quest for inclusivity is deeply personal, stemming from her experience as a parent of twins, one of whom lives with Cerebral Palsy.

“Accessibility is something a lot of us take for granted “


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Overcoming Obstacles

Recognizing the importance of inclusive play spaces, the anonymous neighbor's generous contribution underscores a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity from an early age.

Shared Vision

The neighbor's anonymous donation underscores a collective commitment to inclusivity, reflecting a broader community ethos.

Moving Forward

With $316,000 raised since November 2022, including contributions from local businesses and donors, the project aims to commence construction in June, pending an additional $80,000 for groundwork and installation costs.

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A Playground for All

The envisioned playground will feature poured-in-place rubber surfacing, ensuring accessibility for all children.

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How to Help

Contributions to the Sacajawea Inclusive Playground Project can be made via Sacajawea PTA or the GFPS Foundation, with updates available on the Sacajawea PTA Great Falls Montana Facebook page.

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