It seems like just about every day, there is a new scam folks need to be aware of.

A recent press release from Attorney General Austin Knudsen highlighted a few of the most common scams seen in Montana.

These range from bogus law enforcement claims to cryptocurrency cons.

Law Enforcement Scams

Ever received a call from someone claiming to be local law enforcement?

It's a tactic fraudsters are increasingly using to trick unsuspecting individuals.

By spoofing phone numbers and area codes, scammers make it seem like the call is coming from your neighborhood police station.

They'll tell you there's a warrant out for your arrest and demand immediate payment to avoid cuffs.

But here's the kicker: real law enforcement agencies don't operate this way.

They won't demand payment over the phone, especially not through wire transfers, gift cards, PayPal, Venmo, or bitcoin ATMs.

Cryptocurrency Investment and ATM Scams

Cryptocurrency may be all the rage, but scammers are using it to lure victims into their traps.

Piggybacking off other scams like the law enforcement ruse, fraudsters threaten arrest or other penalties to coerce people into investing in cryptocurrency through ATMs.

They'll promise huge returns, show fake investment gains, and before you know it, they've vanished with your hard-earned cash.

Remember, once you deposit money into a crypto ATM, it's gone for good.

Technical Support Scams

You might encounter a pop-up claiming your antivirus software is outdated and urging you to call a provided number.

Once you do, scammers take control of your computer, demanding payment or claiming it's infected and charging you to fix it.

Don't fall for it.

Never trust pop-ups, and always verify numbers before calling.

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