One Bridge with Two Distinctive Titles in Montana

It shouldn't be a surprise that with over 169,000 miles of waterways from over 125 different sources, Montana needs to be able to traverse these areas to get to where we need to be.

With all those miles of water flowing, it also shouldn't be a surprise that our state has over 5,000 bridges to help with being able to get across them.  Have you ever wondered about just how big some of those crossings are?

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This Bridge Is Over Twice the Length of Its Closest Competitor

In the early 1970's residents in Libby were having a tough commute to get around Lake Koocanusa after the creation of the dam on the Kootenai River.  Spanning 2,437 feet across the lake is the Koocanusa Bridge, the longest bridge in the state.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Not only is this bridge the longest in the state, but it also holds the distinction of being the tallest in the state, coming in at 270 feet above the water.  When first installed, the bridge won the Most Beautiful Bridge award in 1972 from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Other Notable Bridges Across the State, Including Great Falls

There are other unique and long bridges across Montana.  Travel to Billings to make your way across the Yellowstone Bridge at 1,142ft, or to Wolf Point to enjoy one of the oldest truss bridges in the country, the Lewis & Clark Bridge is 1,074ft in length.

In Great Falls, we are home to the 3rd longest bridge in the state, the 10th Street Bridge.  The 1.275ft long bridge went into service in 1918, connecting the town of Black Eagle and other outlying areas to the city.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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