Nearly every week in the news, you hear of a significant power outage, a communications outage, or, more recently, a 911 outage.

That raises the question, have we all become too reliant on technology?

Have we created a reliance on something that we'll never be able to break?

Listen, I'm not trying to sound all doom and gloom, but society has undoubtedly become increasingly dependent on technology.

A Look At Technology In Montana

In today's world, I can't think of anyone I know who doesn't have a cell phone.

Even people I know who swore up and down that they would never get a cell phone now have them.

Most of which have also eliminated their landlines. How do we communicate if there is an outage?

Power Outage In Montana

A minor hiccup with the power has significant implications.

Yes, the creature comforts of life, such as air conditioning, are impacted but think about all the people reliant on medical devices that require power.

Or when the only heat source in your home is gas or electirc, how do you plan to stay warm when we have subzero conditions across the state?

A power bump has become a significant deal very quickly.

Preparing For The Worst

I'm not suggesting you become a prepper or stockpile food for 100 years, but simply having a few backup plans can go a long way.

Think about areas in which you and your family are vulnerable and take steps to mitigate the risks.

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