Recent revelations have sparked outrage as Congressman Matt Rosendale of Montana's 2nd district condemns the Biden Administration for alleged dishonesty surrounding a Chinese spy balloon incident that traversed Montana skies, including the vicinity of Malmstrom Air Force Base, back in February.

Biden Administration Under Fire

The uproar follows NBC News' report revealing that the Chinese spy balloon utilized a U.S. internet service provider for communication, raising concerns about the Administration's deliberate concealment of the matter.

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Accusations of Constitutional Violations

Biden’s handling of the Chinese spy balloon has been nothing short of a violation of the Constitution," declared Rep. Rosendale. "He violated his oath of office by refusing to take the balloon down when it was spotted off the Aleutian Islands and allowed the Chinese Communist Party to collect sensitive military information and data on our civilian infrastructure for days. He violated his oath once again by allowing his Administration to lie to the American people about the balloon for months.

Demanding Accountability and Answers

"I will not stand by and let the Biden Administration get away with this. The people of Montana deserve answers to this brazen espionage attempt by the Chinese Communist Party over our skies," asserted Rosendale. "Which is why I am calling for the Biden Administration to hold a townhall in Great Falls so Montanans can get the answers they deserve."


Swift Action and Legislative Measures

Reacting to the spy balloon sighting in February, Rep. Rosendale swiftly dispatched a letter to Defense Secretary Austin, seeking comprehensive explanations regarding the data gathered by the balloon.

Simultaneously, he called for the safe retrieval of the spy balloon at the earliest opportunity.

Rep. Rosendale had previously introduced the Land and National Defense Act aimed at impeding adversarial nations like China from acquiring American farmland, underscoring his proactive stance in safeguarding national security interests.

In recognition of investigative efforts shedding light on the spy balloon, Rosendale honored Billings Gazette photographer Larry Mayer with a Congressional Record in March, highlighting Mayer's role in bringing visual evidence of the incident to public attention.

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