Montana has so many IPA's that breweries offer, which one is on top?

There are many beers that Montana has to offer, the micro-brew business in Montana has boomed over the last 15 or 20 years. We showcase many types depending on the time of year.

I feel like IPA's within the zeitgeist kind of had their day in the 2010's. However, The people that still love them, enjoy them more than ever because everyone has a great selection even to this day. It's that type of beer that if you like them, you like them. If you don't like them so much, you feel like people won't shut up about them.

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Vine Pair is back with another beer list. Awhile back they measured what beer is the best in each state, it was more of a general sense of what brand and type was enjoyed.

Vine Pair wanted to zero in on a which IPA is rated the Highest in each state.

Characterized by its classic bitter flavors and juicy fruit notes, the India Pale Ale is one of the U.S.’s most popular beer styles, with breweries churning out thousands of new offerings for drinkers to try.

They say American IPA's are gaining some traction after all these years and according to this map we know which one is the best by each state.

If you look closely, It's not a beer from Missoula or Bozeman like a lot of people would think.

Turns out the best according to Vine Pair is Tumbleweed IPA from The Lewis and Clark Brewery in Helena, Montana.

A lovely beer offered all year long. Give it a try.

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