I didn't get to a kiosk in time for the big drawing.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Montana Millionaire tickets went on sale this morning at 5:30AM MST. This event is something almost every Montanan is looking forward to and looking around on social media, people were out in mass to collect that potential winning ticket.


This event is always something that is very quick, you have to get somewhere and grab one or two, or 12 before everyone buys them all up. We as a family enjoy going to Peres Food Basket to get our tickets because we love local businesses and I hear they give out the most winning tickets.

However, according to news sources The Montana Millionaire sold out in record time this year. It took only 5 hours for them to sellout and they added more tickets, more prizes and people went bonanza over it.

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According to KRTV, all 380,000 were sold between 5:30AM and 10:30AM

That works out to about 76,000 tickets sold per hour, or 1,267 tickets per minute...Last year, there were 280,000 tickets, and they sold out within 29 hours.


That's where my story comes in.

My wife and I decided to go and get a few tickets after work, boy was that a miscalculation.

Around 10:15 this morning, my wife texted me saying she was told MT Millionaire tickets were going fast, so I decided to look at the remaining ticket count online.

It told me there were 3,800ish tickets left, so I jumped into my car to head to the closest Town Pump to secure some tickets. The radio station is a few blocks away from Town Pump on tenth. In the time it took for me to drive there, all of the remaining tickets were sold.


I couldn't believe the response form the public. I guess better luck for me next year and good luck to everyone who got theirs!

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