Kindergarten Registration Is Now Open In Great Falls

Even at this age, I can still remember the first day of kindergarten.

I'm not going to lie; It was exciting and incredibly nerve-racking!

However, kindergarten registration is just as nerve-racking for many parents as the first time their child heads off to school.

As summer begins to knock at our doorstep, 15 elementary schools in Great Falls are gearing up to open their doors for kindergarten registration. 

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 Kindergarten Registration In Great Falls, Montana

All area grade schools in Great Falls, Montana, will host kindergarten registration on May 1st at 8 a.m.

If parents prefer to avoid the lines, the Great Falls Public Schools website offers an online registration option.

  • Registration is for the upcoming school year, beginning on August 28.
  • Children must be five years old before September 10 to be registered for kindergarten.
  • All children living on Malstrom Air Force Base will be registered at Loy Elementary School.
  • If you live in the attendance area of Giant Springs Meadowlark or Riverview Elementary schools, you must provide two proofs of residence.
  • You also need a birth certificate and shot records for registration.

"We typically have 700-800 Kindergarten students in Great Falls Public Schools, and we are excited to meet the new students,"  commented Executive Director Jackie Mainwaring.  

Great Falls Public School is Montana's second-largest school district, home to 10,160 students.

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