Which room is unsafe for a pet?

If you are like my family, you have a pet and there isn't anywhere my pet will not follow my wife. Maybe it's the fact she adopted my dog from the Humane Society herself and she is permanently imprinted in our little dog. Where ever she goes, my dog goes too. Except for work, of course.


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Maybe there is another place my dog shouldn't follow my wife into.

According to a Veterinarian that spoke to The Insider on things one should never do to your dog, She says there is a certain room dogs and other pets for that matter should never be allowed into.

Turns out it's you bathroom.

According to this Vet, things that we are used to seeing pets do in the bathroom can be hazardous to their health.


That includes drinking from the toilet. It seems like it would be ok, you flush and clean the bowl regularly and the water is nice and cold. However, Veterinarian Rachel Barrack explains to The Insider why it might be a bad idea.

Toilet bowls do not contain clean water that is appropriate for your dog or cat to consume. Keep the lid down so your large-breed dog cannot access the bowl.

They also explain that in addition to having dirty water in the bowl, there might be cleaners for both the bathroom and yourself a curious young pup could get into and potentially chew up.

There goes the bonding my wife and the pup have during bath time. Sorry, pup.

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