How would a Mac n Cheese ice cream taste exactly?

With new foods, I always curious to see what something tastes like. Especially if it is weird and there is a ton of hype involved. I'm a person who loves hype surrounding anything, I'm a sucker for it.

This time, it was no different. The kid and I went to Walmart the other day looking for some ice cream for our Gilmore Girls marathon. Usually we get the Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream and we did.

However I saw something more appealing to my curiosity.

The Van Leewen Limited Edition Kraft Mac & Cheese flavored ice cream.

Canva/Big Billy
Canva/Big Billy
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What did I think of this Mac & Cheese Ice cream?

It was something I was definitely ready for, I've been tracking weird flavors since I got wind of mustard ice cream and could not find it anywhere, even when the website said it was in stock locally.

Once I got home the kid and I gave it a try. It wasn't something that required a big bowl or scoops. I dug in with a little bit of hesitancy. I wasn't a fan at first because I could exactly pin down the flavor. it was slightly cheesy and slightly sweet. What I gathered that it was french vanilla ice cream with the Kraft Cheese flavoring incorporated into the mix.

My kid was not a fan, and my wife couldn't even swallow it. I just continued to lightly taste it to get a feel for it.

My score is 7 out of 10. Would eat again. 👍  I might have a scoop after dinner.

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