What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word King? For me, it is King Charles or any list of famous Kings that have ruled countries around the world. Why his King Charles my first thought?  I assume it is because of all of the press that Queen Elizabeth received in her last few years and especially in her last few days.

Even though King Charles is top of mind, there are many Kings in the united States that are equally famous. They span many spectrum's and I have made a list.


King of Pop- Michael Jackson (August 29th, 1958- June 25th, 2009) was and still is regarded as one of the most significant figures in the music scene.  When he passed away he had an estate value of approximately $500 million. This is a number that has been argued in court from those who want part of it. Michael had 13 #1 hits

King of Rock ‘n’ Roll- Elvis Pressley (January 8th, 1935- August 16th, 1977) received the moniker because he was the most popular rock ‘n’ roll artist of all time. Elvis had 18 #1 hits.

Hulton Archive
Hulton Archive

Elvis Presley

King of Rock 'n' Roll

King of Country Music- George Strait (May 18th, 1952 – current (70 years old)) King George was the second person to hold the title.  George has 60 #1 hits.  That number alone makes it hard to knock him off of the top spot.  He is also in the G.O.A.T. conversation.

King of Country Music (original)- Roy Acuff (September 15th, 1903- November 23rd, 1992) was the first king of Country Music and is credited with advancing country music from the twangy hoedown to the straight forward singing songs style of music. Roy had 12 #1 hits.



Basketball- LeBron James (December 30th, 1984- current (38)) is the self-professed King of basketball.  King James may be all of that currently, but many would say MJ was the true King.  You might even say Magic & Bird deserve the crown since they were the ones that saved the sport and took it to a new level.

King of Football- Pele (October 23rd, 1940- December 29th, 2022) was the king of the sport known around the world as football.  His 1,279 goals in 1,363 games is a record that may never be topped. There isn’t a King of the American version of football.

Baseball- There was an award handed out in Minor league Baseball from 1951 to 2019 declaring a player the King of Baseball. The chosen King was done so because of their dedication to the sport.  Click HERE to read the list.

Wrestling- Christopher Alan Pallies (November 7th, 1955 – March 4th, 2019) went by the wrestling name of King Kong Bundy.  Self-professed title.


Other categories

King of Diamonds- Harry Winston (March 1st, 1896 – December 8th, 1978). Winston founded Harry Winston Inc., in New York City.  At one time he owned the Hope Diamond, which he later donated to the Smithsonian Museum.

Side view of round diamond with isolated on white

Side view of round diamond with isolated on white

Hope Diamond can be seen at the Smithsonian Museum

Safety Razor- King Camp Gillette (January 5th, 1855- July 9th, 1932) was actually named King.  Due to his invention of the safety razor, I think he deserves the title as well.

shaving razor isolated on a white background

shaving razor isolated on a white background

King C Gillette helped bring the safety razor

King of the Jungle- The Lion is without a doubt winner of the category.  If you disagree, you try to take away its crown!

Single lion looking regal standing proudly on a small hill

Single lion looking Tough

King of the Jungle!

This is a fun list of King’s that makes me wonder, who is the King of DJ’s? We have a building full of people that qualify for several reasons.  I will let you decide who owns the crown.

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