Is your last name unique or very common? If it is unique, how often is it misspelled or mis-pronounced? I have put a list of the most common last names in Montana. Is your name on the list?

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Montana is full of beautiful scenery.

Most Common Surname in Montana:

  1. Johnson
  2. Smith
  3. Anderson
  4. Jones
  5. Nelson
  6. Peterson
  7. Davis
  8. Olson
  9. Clark
  10. Thomas

Would you prefer to have a common last name or one that very few others have?

Standing out from the crowd
Androsov Konstantin

Having a unique name helps you stand out from the crowd.

Most Common Surname in the United States:

  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Brown
  5. Jones
  6. Garcia
  7. Miller
  8. Davis
  9. Rodriguez
  10. Martinez
Canada and United Staes administrative and political vector map
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Keep reading to see a comparison of population and land size of the top countries in the world.

Most Common Surname in the World

  1. Wang
  2. Li
  3. Mohamed
  4. Mohammed


With all of these surnames, how does the population break out in the United States?

Population Based on 2021 numbers, United States Population is at 331,893,745.

  • Ethnic Numbers in the United States:
  • Non Hispanic White 57.8%
  • Hispanic/ Latino Americans 18.7%
  • Black/ African Americans 12.1%
  • Asian 5.9%
  • Native American (including Alaska Native) 0.7%


Populating based on Gender.

Based on 2021 statistics, in 2021 there were:

  • Women- 167,510,000 women (number has been rounded off)
  • Men- 164,380,000 men (number has been rounded off)
  • Please note: the census only showed two genders

Surprisingly, within the various age categories, it remains for the most part evenly spread.  The 30-34 age group is the largest and the Under 5 age group is the smallest, but the gap is only about 2 million in each gender group.


The world’s population is approximately 8 billion people

  • China 1,439,323,776 with approximately 2.37 billion acres
  • India 1,381,004,385 with approximately 707 million acres
  • United States 331, 893,745 with approximately 1.9 billion acres
  • Indonesia 273,523,615 with approximately 225 million acres
  • Pakistan 220,892,340 with approximately 324 million acres
  • Brazil 212,559,417 with approximately 260 million acres
  • Nigeria 206,139,589 with approximately 228 million acres
  • Bangladesh 164,689,383 with approximately 36 million acres
  • Russia 145,934,462 with approximately 4.22 billion acres
  • Mexico 128,932,753 with approximately 487 million acres
  • Canada 37,742,15 with approximately 89 million acres

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