Montana's unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level ever  at 2.5%.  It is the fourth lowest rate in the country.  The number comes from the Montana Department of Labor.  The Montana rate has dropped below 3% only 18 times since record keeping began in 1976 and 15 of those 18 have occurred under Governor Greg Gianforte.

The state has been on a roll with over 33,000 jobs created in the past two years with the labor force growing by over 6% in the past two years.    The states labor force is now a whopping 570,316.  Today the average Montanan makes $23 per hour.

Governor Gianforte had this to say about the unemployment rate, “Hardworking Montanans continue to drive our state’s growing economy, despite severe national headwinds. Montanans are setting new records for job creation, business creation, and employment,” Gov. Gianforte said. “With them in mind, we’ll keep building on our pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda so more Montanans can thrive, prosper, and achieve the American dream.”

10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Montana

  • Anesthesiologist. Average Salary: $374,000. ...
  • Dentist. Average Salary: $192,150. ...
  • Pharmacist. Average Salary: $120,660. ...
  • Financial Manager. Average Salary: $113,568. ...
  • Computer Information Systems Manager. Average Salary: $113,340. ...
  • Optometrist. Average Salary: $113,290. ...

How much is Montana paying for goods today.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Montanans are paying a lot more for goods.

Eggs are up 55%

Poultry up 10%

Milk up 8.1%

Coffee is up 11.4%

Fruits and Vegetables are up 5.3%

Baby food and formula is up 9.8%

And That's Not all

Rent prices are up 8.2%, electricity is up 12.9% and Fuel oil prices are up 9.2 percent.  Almost forgot, gas prices are up $1.12 a gallon compared to 2020.

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