At Double X Bar Farm & Ranch in Helena, Governor Greg Gianforte marked the significance of agriculture in Montana by proclaiming March 2024 as Montana Agriculture Month.

The governor also declared the week of March 17-24, 2024, as Montana Agriculture Week, and March 19, 2023, as Montana Agriculture Day.

Recognizing Montana's Agricultural Excellence

“Montana is known around the world for its superior-quality beef and commodities,” stated Gov. Gianforte. “Now more than ever before, it’s important we uplift our producers and support the folks who nourish our communities, create good-paying jobs, and add value to our supply chain.”

Touring Double X Bar Farm & Ranch

Accompanied by Montana Department of Agriculture Director Christy Clark, Governor Gianforte toured Double X Bar Farm & Ranch.

During the visit, he engaged with operator Tim Dusenberry and gained insights into the production of his family’s grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pasture-raised pork.

Embracing Regenerative Agriculture

Tim Dusenberry, a second-generation farmer and rancher, highlighted the importance of regenerative agriculture and direct consumer engagement.

“The big step we took when we started doing regenerative agriculture was going directly to consumers,” said Dusenberry. “Going to the farmers’ markets, social media, and word of mouth has really helped us provide our products to people. I’m looking forty years down the line so that my kids have something to work with.”

Investment in Agricultural Innovation

The visit coincided with Governor Gianforte and Director Clark's recent announcement regarding the state’s $818,954 investment in innovative, value-added agriculture projects through the Montana Department of Agriculture’s 2024 Growth Through Agriculture (GTA) program.

Strengthening Montana's Agricultural Economy

The GTA program supports innovative Montanans and businesses that produce and commercialize agricultural products and processes.

This investment aims to create wealth and jobs in communities, farms, and ranches across the state.

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