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  • ATTN: All side line officials- all sports
  • FROM: Fans of High School and Younger Sports
  • WHEN: May 1st, 2023 (and later)

This is an open invitation to everyone to sign up to be an official for high school, middle school and elementary sports programs around the state of Montana.

Which Sports Need Officials

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • In other words- All of them

Signing up to be a MOA referee is easy.  Click HERE

I will be honest with you.  Being a ref isn't always easy. There are times you will be away from your family.  There are times you will be yelled at.  There are times you will question whether you made the right call. Yes- there are times....

There are also times  that you will be able to witness great athletes, great sportsmanship and great effort.  You will see passion, drive, effort and team work in a whole new light.  You will make life long friends with your fellow referees, with coaches, administrators and athletes. Oh and - you will get paid to do it.

If it wasn't for dedicated men and women officiating sports when I was a kid, I would of never had the opportunity to play. Now is the opportunity for you to give back.

Sports referees/ officials are broke into groups around the state called official pools. Once you sign up for the sport or sports you want to officiate, a member of the pool that you will belong to will contact you. You will be invited to training meetings and be paired up with experienced officials to guide you through the process.


I officiated football for 10+ years and truly enjoyed every moment of it. I had to step away due to health reasons, but would go back in a heart beat if I was able. I miss  the camaraderie of the crews I worked with as well as the interaction with the student athletes, the coaches/ administrations and yes- even the fans. 99% of the fans are good people.  Don't let the 1% take away an opportunity that you had, from so many great young athletes.

Do me a favor- click on the link and check it out. Click HERE to see MOA signup information. Reach out to me if you have questions.  I will get you in touch with one of the local pools that can answer any questions.

If you have a story idea or something you want to learn more about, give Randy a call at 406-788-3003 or send me an email at

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