The last two weeks have been full of concerts, fair food, rodeo, racing, fair food, family, friends, fair food and so much more.  The end of summer is right around the corner and school will be back in session for almost everyone within the next 30 days.  Now what do I do?

There are a ton of activities in and around North Central Montana that can be enjoyed for minimal money and lots of experiences to enjoy and Great Falls is booming with food trucks that popup all over town if you need a “fair food” style fix.

Check out the Newberry as they continue to bring in top rated talent that fits every genres.  Go to their website to see their upcoming schedule.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, First People’s Buffalo Jump, Charlie Russell Museum, Children’s Museum and Giant Springs State Park are all within minutes of downtown Great Falls.  Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are within a day’s drive of Great Falls and we are surrounded by historical, beautiful towns each beaming with history and adventure.

Fort Benton has a historical fort and the life history of Shep, and is a short drive away.  Belt has a brewery as well a theatre that hosts several events.  Cascade has its own Charlie Russell cabin that is available for tours and of course Choteau has the dinosaur museum.  Every one of these towns has one or two restaurants, shops and local establishments that offer you a taste of their community.

Of course, I am touching on a few of my favorite places to go.  I want to hear what places you think I should also visit.  What is your favorite meal when you go to those towns and places?  I always order the burger at the Driftwood in Cascade, and if you haven’t tried on of the Club House sandwiches in Fort Benton, you’re missing out.

Chime in and let me know- what am I missing out on and I might take a trip to your favorite place.

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