The much anticipated primary election results in Montana continue to pour into the Montana Secretary of State's office.

Please remember that these are preliminary results, and some precincts are still reporting at this hour.

Also, none of the results are finalized until they have been certified by the canvas board, scheduled for June 13, 2024.

Montana Voter Turnout

According to the Montana Secretary of State office, 288,730 voters turned out for this year's election.

The Treasure State has 753,691 registered voters, of whom roughly 38% voted in this year's primary election.

Montana's Eastern House District

Arguably, the most talked-about race on the federal side was the Republican race for Montana's Second Congressional District.

Nine Republicans ran in hopes of seeking an appointment to the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

Troy Downing - Republican

John Driscoll - Democrat

Montana's Western House District

There certainly wasn't as much talk around Montana's Western District house race.

Below are the final candidates.

Monica Tranel - Democrat

Dennis Hays - Libertarian

Ryan Zinke - Republican

Montana's US Senate Seat

I expected Montana's US Senate seat to soon become the most talked-about race in the Treasure State—not to mention expensive!

Democrat John Tester and Republican Tim Sheehy have already begun to spend significant money on their advertising campaign.

Jon Tester - Democrat

Tim Sheehy - Republican

Michael Downey - Green

 Montana's Gubernatorial Race

There's not much surprise around the gubernatorial race results.

Greg Gianforte - Republican

Ryan Busse - Democrat

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