I was mindlessly scrolling on Facebook the other day and stumbled across an interesting tidbit of information. There is a town in Montana with a relatively small population hovering around one thousand people, and they have 16 restaurants. What!?! I have so many questions.

Supporting Small Business In Montana

First of all, it is super cool to hear that a small Montana town is thriving like this. The community support has to be epic in order for these restaurants to keep their doors open and serve the community like they are. And talk about staffing; it can't be overly easy finding workers in this smaller community.

New Restaurants In Central Montana

According to Central Montana Tourism, where I found this information, some of the new restaurants are The Jawbone, Jesse Peppers BBQ, Staples Bar 47, and the Branding Iron Cafe. Without even eating at these new joints, they already sound tasty. On second thought, I have been to one of them.

The town that is home to these new is also the go-to place for events and adventure. Does the Red Ants Pants Music Festival ring a bell? How about the Smith River? Or maybe the Castle Museum? How about the fact that the town is surrounded by both the Little and Big Belt Mounntains?

Montana Town With 16 Restaurants For Just 1000 People

You guessed it. White Sulfur Springs is a small town in Meagher County in Montana with a population of roughly one thousand people and an impressive 16 restaurants.

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