Montana has eight national parks and the most visited ones are no surprise, Yellowstone and Glacier.  They can also be deadly.  To date  Yellowstone has seen 52 deaths and is ranked fifth deadliest in the United States.  Most of those deaths are from vehicle accidents or heart attacks.  Several others have died after falling into the hot thermal pools or being attacked by a wild animal like a grizzly or a bison.  Just last year  a California man died after falling into one of the thermal pools.

Parts Of Yellowstone National Park Reopen After Historic Flooding
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Glacier National Park in Northern Montana can also be deadly.  To date, 40 have died in Glacier. Many by falling, some by grizzly bear attacks and even some in car wrecks.  In 1969 just after Christmas five hikers died while climbing Mount Cleveland in Glacier National Park.  Glacier ranks the 12th deadliest national park.


The deadliest national park in the United States is the Grand Canyon.  134 have died there over the years.  Most from falling or drowning.  The second deadliest park is Yosemite in California.  Then it's the Great Smoky Mountains followed in fourth by Sequoia and Kings Canon in California.

Aerials Of The Grand Canyon
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With spring hear and summer just around the corner the national parks have put out some safety tips.

1.  Know your limits.

2. Know the skill level of all in your party.

3.  Have a plan if someone becomes lost.

4.  Have the proper equipment.

5.  Map out your trip and leave the documents where they can be found.  Give dates, trails and when you plan to return.

6.  Check the weather before you head out.

Montana's national parks

  • Big Hole National Battlefield
  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (MT, WY)
  • Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site (ND, MT)
  • Glacier National Park
  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
  • Nez Perce National Historical Park (ID, MT, OR, WA)
    • Bear Paw Battlefield
    • Canyon Creek
  • Yellowstone National Park (ID, MT, WY)

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