Netflix is like any other company.  Their costs are going up and they are trying to find a way to offset them. Some companies are stuck with the increasing input costs, but Netflix can respond like many businesses and increase their rates and has looked at several options, like offering a premium rate for commercial free viewing.  Of course this is a change for current subscribers who enjoy this feature for the rate they now pay.  Netflix is also looking at charging an additional fee for anyone using the service (currently for free) outside of the base address.

Why am I writing this article?  Well, I am understanding of the predicament that Netflix faces, but I am also in a situation of rising costs without the ability to “raise my rates.” I have been a loyal subscriber to Netflix for several years.  I have three individuals in my family that use my subscription.  I already pay for the three person usage rates to cover my subscription, me, my daughter and my son. My daughter recently bought a home and moved out of my house.  Now Netflix is considering charging me extra because she is not in my house.  I don’t think this is a fair business practice.  I already pay for her to use it, why should I pay more for her to use it elsewhere?  Netflix did give users a loophole for now, if the usage is through a phone or laptop, they won’t charge the additional fee. Either way, in my opinion this is double billing for the same service.

I am curious to see where this ends up.  There are many streaming services available, will the others take advantage of this misstep?  What do you think?  Let me know on our Facebook page 560 KMON RADIO 

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