Here is what we know at this hour (5am) about yesterday's police shooting in Great Falls.  Police were attempting to make a traffic stop when the suspect took off on foot.  A foot pursuit occurred.  At about 3:55p yesterday the shooting took place near 12th Street and Sixth Avenue South.

Some witnesses say they heard as many as seven shots fired.  Police still have the area where the shooting took place blocked off and are still working the crime scene at this hour.

Here is what we know about the police officer.  He was shot at least once and our sources say he is in stable condition at a local hospital.   There are reports that he was taken by police in a police car right after the shooting.  The suspects condition is not known at this hour.  Our sources say he was shot in the head when the police officer returned fire.

We have talked to the county attorney's office and they expect to have more information on what charges will come out of this case, possibly as early as today.  Keep it with our radio station for the latest.

One witness says he could hear a person yelling in the alley just prior to the shooting and that was between 12th and 13th streets.  As many as 40 officers were on the scene in a matter of minutes with many carrying military style weapons as they searched the area.  Spotlights  were on all night near where the shooting occurred as police  continued to look for evidence.



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