As the temperatures continue to warm and plants break from dormancy in Montana, I can't help but think about kicking off my annual lawn care routine. I'm far from an expert with lawn care, but I grew up working at a golf course as a kid so that counts for something, right? Nonetheless, here are a few of the annual tips and tricks that seem to work for me.

Cutting Grass Short In Spring

Now, this may go against everything you've ever heard, but I'm a big fan of cutting my grass very short and stressing it a bit in the spring. Doing this has a few benefits. It brings the crown of the grass down, makes it easier to aerate or power rake, allows for the fertilizer to settle in, and ultimately toughens up the grass a bit.

Power Rake

Aerate And Power Rake

I swear by aerating and power raking my lawn at least once a year. I'm not sure what the ideal time to do this is, but it definitely helps. My lawn certainly struggled in years where I didn't do either of these.

Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn Fertilizer

This is a pretty obvious one because your lawn needs nutrients. I've found the key with fertilizer is to start applying it early. Especially if you're dealing with crabgrass or weeds. Generally, that will help tackle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Mowing Grass

Mow Often

This is huge, the longer you let your grass grow in between cuts the more you'll stress it out. If you cut it frequently the crown will remain low and your grass won't brown out as easily. Think of a golf course, they mow all the time.

Now get after it!

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