Super Bowl 57 is just a few days away and currently the Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 1.5 points over the Kansas City Chiefs.  The game can be heard on sports radio station 99.9 Big Sky Sports on the FM dial. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 pm MST with pre-game leading up, lasting several hours.


I conducted a very in-depth survey that included many different angles to consider on who is going to win.  In other words, I asked

Catch a Football
Lewis Wright

Catch a Football



Who is going to win and what is the score going to be

Here is what I learned:

Elected Officials

Governor Gianforte- Well, whoever the Eagles are playing, they don't stand a chance. I think it'll be tighter than their playoff game with the 49’rs. I know our Eagles fly, Eagles fly. They'll run up the score if they can. I grew up near Valley Forge, which is just west of Philadelphia. My guess would be 28-17 Eagles.

Senator Daines- Im a proud Montana State Bobcat, so I’m taking the Kansas City Chiefs because Jan Stenerud, who went to MSU, brought soccer-style kicking to the NFL and went on to become the first kicker in the NFL Hall of Fame. When it comes to Montana natives who went on to do great things, I’ve learned you always go with your heart instead of your head! That’s the Montana spirit! Chiefs! Mark it down!

Congressman Rosendale- I'm going to take 27 24, Eagles victory. Although I like Kansas City steaks better than Philly Cheese Steak, I'm going to have beef on Sunday regardless. I will tell tell you that my wife prepares a better cheese steak than any restaurant that I've ever been in.


Local Celebrities

Great Falls Fire Rescue Chief Jones- Kansas City 31-27 Philadelphia

Sheriff Slaughter- Eagles 30 Kansas City 27 OT. Jalen Hurts MVP.  Second Super Bowl to go to overtime.

Morning Show Hosts

Pat- Philadelphia 27-24 Kansas City

Baker Bob- Philadelphia 28-17 Kansas City

Randy- Philadelphia 35-31 Kansas City- I have to stick with the NFC East as a lifelong Cowboys fan.  Plus that, Dallas beat Philly once this year, so an Eagles victory, means the Cowboys are almost co-Super Bowl Champs.

560 KMON Listeners

Dennis Black- Utmost respect for Patrick Mahomes... As a Cowboys fan, I gotta keep it in the NFC East. 28 - 24 Eagles.

Brandon Lew- 24-21 Chiefs. Either way, a Kelce will get a ring!

Mike Henry- Mahomes has got the will to win, much more mentally prepared than most, it will be close though, 27 to 24 chiefs

Jeff Bosch- The Kansas City Referees will win!

Shawn Holm- Eagles 27 to Chiefs 20

Michael Taylor- 47-7 Chiefs. It will be a boring blowout.

Corie Raye Mora- A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird

B-b-b-bird, b-birdd's the word

A-well, a bird, bird, bird, bird is the word

Mike Towne- Eagles 31, Chiefs 20

JoAnn McCann- Chiefs all the way.

Lisa Chickadel- They are both my favorite team. I'm not sure who I want to win!!

Jeff Farrington- 27-21 Chiefs

Terri and Rick Bogden- Chiefs in overtime by 3

Deb Nelson-Rosbarsky- 24-21, chiefs


Complete side note, here is  the range of cost to get a ticket to go in person according to Sporting News

Highest cost ticket- $41,430. Mid field, club level Section 109, row 4

Cheapest cost ticket- $5,368. Bring your own binoculars, 421, Row 22 in the upper bowl.

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