For many people, one of the biggest highlights of the summer is the Montana State Fair.  People come from all over Montana, Canada, and our neighboring states to enjoy the Montana State Fair. This year the State Fair didn't disappoint. It seemed to be the most jam-packed fair in recent memory.

Everything was there- from the rides, food vendors, concerts, and the rodeo. There were 4-H kids showing off their hard work over the past year, and artists putting their talents on display. Not to mention all of the merchants selling their goods and entertainers walking around during the day to entertain the fair-goers.

There is so much to see and do at the fair it is kind of hard to see it all in just one trip, or even a several trips.

So maybe you didn't make it to the Montana State Fair this year, or maybe all you did was grab a Viking and a lemonade on the Midway. Well our own Nick Northern went to the fair plenty of times this year, and he documented his time there for all who couldn't make it.  So come along, scroll through the pictures, and take a virtual tour of the 2022 Montana State Fair.

Virtual Tour of the Montana State Fair

Come along with Nick Northern, as he documents his day at the Montana State Fair.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual tour of the Montana State Fair.  I didn't even show all the rides we went on or all the food we ate.  We went on a Tuesday which means there was no rodeo to showcase.

So if you couldn't make it this year hopefully you can make it next year and you will be able to experience all that there is to see and do at the Montana State Fair!!

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