Temperatures Quickly Surge Next Week In Montana

So far, we've been pretty spoiled with a decent amount of moisture and cooler-than-average temperatures for the first few weeks of summer.

But according to the latest forecast models, that is quickly about to change.

Temperatures are expected to surge the week of July 8th in Montana.

Risk Of Hazardous Temperatures Map
National Weather Service

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High-Pressure Rebuilds Next Week

An upper-level ridge of high pressure is anticipated to be built next week throughout the western United States.

Forecast models have been slightly inconsistent about when this ridge will fully amplify; however, it is expected to build at the beginning of next week.

Ultimately, this means that Montana will experience skyrocketing temperatures and relatively dry conditions for an extended period.

Forecast models hint that afternoon temperatures may be close to 10° above average next week.

Some areas may even reach the triple digits in Montana.

Summer Heat Wave Planner
Great Falls National Weather Service

Fire Weather Forecast Montana

Excessive heat and dry conditions are expected to heighten fire dangers across Montana.

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Ample rain early this year has provided abundant fuel, and it won't take much heat to dry out the vegetation, ultimately increasing the fire.

Nearly all of Montana is under drought conditions except for a little slice of south-central Montana.

Current Drought Conditions Montana
Drought Monitor.UNL / Canva

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