Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines says the current state of America is frightening and will haunt Montana for years to come.  In an op-ed for Fox News, Daines says inflation is at a 40-year high meaning Montanans are paying out an extra $802 more per month just to keep up with costs.

Daines says inflation nationwide is 13% but he says here in the Treasure State, inflation is at almost 16%.  The other problem for Montanans according to the republican senator is, wages have not kept up with inflation resulting in a real-life pay cut for Montanans.  And Daines says President Biden and the Democrats are to blame.

In his op-ed piece on Daines says Biden and the democrats killed Montana energy jobs by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline, increasing royalty rates for oil and gas production and increasing the minimum bid for oil and gas leases fivefold.

Other things that Daines says the democrats did was to pass a $2 trillion tax and spend package that kicked inflation into high gear and to make matters worse,  then came the student loan bailout. Daines is estimating that the student loan bailout will cost the average Montanan about $2500 this year.

He says another problem facing Montana thanks to Biden and the democrats is violent crime.  That's up over 4%.   And with the border being wide open the drug fentanyl is pouring into Montana and it is now the leading cause of death in young Americans.

In summing up his Fox News op-ed, Daines says the scary part is, all of this will continue if the democrats stay in control.  He said the good news is, there's an election November 8th that could put an end to this hair-raising nightmare.

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