With age comes wisdom ……… or so I was told.  There is some truth in that statement, but I must argue the counterpoint in the fact that wisdom comes from the errors of growing older, not just the added yearly birthdays. Much like the old Jeff Foxworthy stand up joke:

Let the kid pull the TV over onto themselves.  Hurt like hell didn’t it, won’t do that again will ya!

Wisdom comes in several forms of education and learning. So, if I could talk to my 20 year old self there are a few things I might say. Here is my list:

  1. Let it go.  Holding a grudge or hating someone is a waste of your time, not the person you are mad at.  Most of the time they don’t know and most likely don’t care.
  2. Enjoy life in moderation. Everything is good in small quantities and everything is bad in large quantities.  Yes, that includes money, fame or power as well.
  3. Quality of life is way more important than quantity of life.  See previous statement.  I know people who are millionaires that are miserable and I know people that barely get by that truly enjoy and appreciate their life.
  4. This one is very important: Quit worrying about everyone else all of the time and worry about yourself.  People are self-aware by nature and more worried about how they look or sound or come across to notice how you appear.  Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t spend so much time worried about your own appearance or sound that you miss out on a great opportunity.
  5. Don’t allow people to live in your mind rent free.  If you have people in your mind and your heart it is because there is a mutual benefit. Everyone has different wants and needs and you are no different.
  6. Take time every day to focus on yourself. Even it is for 5 minutes.  Click HERE to read a story I did awhile back on motivational sayings. Putting these sayings on paper and posting them around your living or working space will remind you to re-focus.
  7. Most importantly, love yourself for your strengths and weaknesses. If someone is trying to diminish you, cancel their lease in your mind.
  8. Lastly, believe in a higher being.  I believe in GOD and pray on a regular basis.  Whether it’s GOD or some other higher being, have faith.  It helps keep you accountable and gives you a way to confide in private.

I hope there are some 20 year olds that read this and adopt some of these thoughts.  Life is short (although at 20, it doesn’t seem that way) and each day needs to be lived to its fullest.

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